Whole Genome Selection

breeding value calculation and trait selection

Markers-assisted Backcrossing

rapid variety improvement of targeted trait

Germplasm Analysis

genetic background survey, and genetic map construction

Markers-assisted Screening

to screen target genes earlier and precisely

Genome-wide Association Analysis

Genetic Map Construction
-QTL Mapping

to construct a genetic linkage map and combine phenotypic data to locate target traits

We provide low-cost, high density flexible genotyping solutions and facilitate Plant/Animal breeders developing molecular breeding strategies.

About Molbreeding

Molbreeding Biotechnology Co., Ltd. dedicates to provide complete flexible and economic genotyping solutions and analysis service to the plant and animal breeding community. We strike to overcome bottlenecks of throughput and time, to transform breeding from artistic to scientific, and to facilitate the breeding industry across the globe.

With our propriety targeted sequencing technology, GenoPlexs and GenoBaits, Molbreeding provide you with the excellent capture efficiency, high coverage and sample flexibility, and low-cost customized services, to meet your scientific research and application needs.

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